Relationships and Sex Education – The Way Forward

Susan Mason CEO Schoolgate Campaign

With children returning to school this term, many parents are concerned about how schools will teach Relationships and Sex Education. Misleading RSE Resources are currently being used in hundreds of schools across the country.


Consultation between the school and parents

OFSTED has observed that historically schools have been poor at consulting with parents on sex education, even though it is a legal requirement. How is consultation on RSE going to be any better?

Opt-out (right to withdraw, similar to sex ed)

This has problems, as you can’t opt-out of what you don’t know is happening and schools are not always forthcoming. It focusses attention, unhelpfully, on the dissenter and the exercising of parents’ opt-out rights have actually been known to be over-ridden by schools.


Parents at least have to take some action in this case, although they may still not look into the details of what they’re signing their children up to!

RSE Watchdog

There is a proposal to establish a Watchdog to make RSE teaching transparent and accountable. While this might be of some help, it would only be as good as the remit given, the ideological position of the officials involved and the logistical limitations of monitoring school programmes.

Referendum on RSE

RSE would probably not be considered a referendum matter.

Good RSE

Rather than trying to navigate through the plethora of offerings being peddled to schools claiming to fulfil the requirements of the RSE regulations, parents, governors and teachers could choose traditional-family-programmes. Such resources are offered by sites like RSE – Get It Right! There is no guarantee that any particular school will choose these resources though.

Schools flat-out refusing to deliver certain content

There is an example of an orthodox Jewish school taking a stand in this way. It has taken on the establishment and is risking ex-communication from the education system.

Moving schools

If the school won’t alter its RSE policy to the satisfaction of parents, this is an option. The campaign would recommend checking any prospective school for its RSE policy and whether it is listed by Parent Power as a school that uses Stonewall resources.

Home schooling

This has been considered or adopted by more parents because of schools’ poor handling of RSE.

Legal Action

Legal action is the only thing that has produced significant, positive results. Safe Schools Alliance has taken on the Crown Prosecution Service and Oxford County Council over LGBT Hate Crime Guidance and Transgender Toolkits for schools respectively. The Christian Institute threatened Warwickshire County Council with legal action over safeguarding issues to do with the All About Me programme.

Legal Action, however, requires a lot of time, energy and expense, whether the parties involved win or lose, and on those bases excludes the vast majority of people that RSE affects.


If court is the only recourse parents have to challenge something as fundamental as how their children are schooled, there is something very wrong. This is a bad law, arguably unnecessary and certainly far too open to abuse. Bad laws should be amended; bad laws should be repealed.


With a judicial review against it pending, the Department for Education has issued new guidance on implementing Relationships and Sex Education in England.

Hailed as “a victory for safeguarding and common sense” by the Values Foundation, the guidance clarifies schools’ responsibilities in a number of areas.

Transgender ideology

Materials which suggest that non-conformity to gender stereotypes should be seen as synonymous with having a different gender identity should not be used and you should not work with external agencies or organisations that produce such material.”

The Department of Education’s guidance counters trans-activist groups such as Mermaids, which previously pushed its ideology in schools across the U.K. via educator training sessions.

Political impartiality

Your local authority, governing body and headteacher must …. secure that where political issues are brought to the attention of pupils, they are offered a balanced presentation of opposing views”.

The Department continues:

You should be aware that the meaning of political issues does not refer solely to the discussion of party politics. Schools are advised to consider the range of issues on which there could be political views, which may include global affairs, equalities issues, religion and economics”.

Same-sex marriage (which accounts for fewer than 3% of all marriages in England and Wales) is a political issue, for example. A string of legal rulings confirms this. Historically, throughout the world, marriage has been between a man and a woman. Millions of people think it is wrong to define it in any other way. Now it won’t be so easy for schools to gloss over these facts.


Despite these recent victories, many schools are still using misleading and inaccurate RSE resources. It’s more necessary than ever then for parents to find out when they will be consulted on RSE policy, so they can ensure that their children are educated safely and in accordance with their wishes (Education Act 1996).

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Ideology v. Reality

Lynda Rose CEO Voice for Justice UK

BBC rejects Mermaids from Action Line list

Auntie, otherwise known as the British Brainwashing Corporation (BBC) has apparently quietly informed its LGBT Pride group that it is no longer going to include Mermaids, the campaigning charity for transgender children, in its Action Line list. The BBC no longer accepts Mermaids’ claims they can offer ‘appropriate’ advice to callers seeking help (see second section behind Times paywall, Winds of change htttps:// Can it be that the cold wind of reality is at last blowing through the Beeb’s smog-filled corridors, dedicated to the promotion of inclusivity for everything – except that with which Auntie disagrees? The answer is clearly, yes, and though they appear to be spitting the equivalent of broadcasting feathers, the corporation is being forced to bow to increasing evidence that harm is being done by misdiagnosing vulnerable children who subsequently bitterly regret undergoing such irreversible and life changing treatment.

This change of policy is especially important, because it illustrates how deeply the terrifying malaise of transgenderism has affected British society. Aimed at nothing less than the dismantling and reconfiguration of our culture, its ideologues desire the entire destruction of the nation’s Judeo-Christian roots and heritage.

Mermaids is part of this. The beguilingly named organisation is one of the UK’s largest LGBTQ+ charities, claiming to support trans and gender diverse children, young people and their families ( But their raison d’etre goes far beyond mere ‘support’ because their declared mission is to educate and inform wider society on issues of gender identity. To this end they have developed extensive educational resources for use in schools. Perhaps most significant of all, they have produced an infamous Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit ( Trialled first in Brighton and Hove it was then rolled out to other authorities across the country, such as Warwickshire and Oxfordshire where, in the latter, it was successfully subjected to legal challenge by a thirteen year old school girl on the grounds it was a potentially dangerous invasion of her privacy

Whatever is maintained, the toolkit is a tool for indoctrination, ruthlessly prioritising transgender rights under the guise of providing guidance for supporting transgender children and preventing transphobia.

If it weren’t so pernicious, such an overt attempt at brainwashing would be laughable. Tragically the drive to embed and normalise gender fluidity has been startlingly successful, as attested by the 4,000% increase we have seen over the last decade in children presenting with supposed gender dysphoria and seeking treatment ( It is now an established fact that transgender treatment is harmful to children.

By the admission of specialists at the Tavistock and Portman clinic, the country’s only NHS clinic offering treatment to children and young people diagnosed with gender dysphoria, many children are mis-diagnosed, with no account being taken of related mental health problems like autism or abuse ( This becomes even more shocking in the light of evidence that 90% of young children presenting with gender confusion will be perfectly happy with their birth sex by the time they reach adolescence. Small wonder then that the post transition suicide rate is 19 times higher than for their heteronormative peers (Long-Term Follow-Up of Transexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in Sweden or that the numbers seeking de-transition are reportedly sky-rocketing, with many tragically saying the treatment has ruined their lives (e.g.

The truth is, children under 18- no matter how convinced they might appear at the time – entirely lack any capacity to make such life-changing and irreversible decisions. So vulnerable children must be protected from exploitation by groups such as Mermaids and Stonewall. even the NHS -seemingly 100% on the side of ‘reform’ – has now been forced to acknowledge the dangers. It has radically revised its Guidance to recognise that the effects of puberty blocking drugs, previously claimed to be fully reversible, are very far from benign. Indeed, the NHS now accepts that the psychological effects are unknown, while use of the drugs may result in irreversibly impaired brain development or even osteoporosis (

For too long children have been unwitting guinea pigs in a dangerous social and ideological experiment designed to create a transgendered society, and now the harms of this malign creed are becoming all too apparent. It is surely time for the insanity to end.

Please note, links to articles in The Times and The Telegraph newspapers go directly to the newspapers’ own sites, which are subject to a paywall, meaning that to view the full article you will need to be subscribed.

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RSE Sexually Corrupts Our Children

By Belinda Brown

Transgender Trend has produced yet another terrific report where they present misinformation and ideology fed to our children through schools. (If links fail, copy and paste into browser then scroll if needed.)

They show in detail how our children are fed false ideas about biological sex. How men and women are being redefined out of existence. They show how legal protections for women, gays, lesbians, and those who have had gender reassignment, are completely undermined.

They show how teachers can no longer talk to children about the changes they will go through at puberty because they can no longer talk about biological sex. They show how girls are left vulnerable by denying them single sex spaces.

However the report does not cover all the harms inflicted by RSE. Sex as we understand it does not exist outside of some form of relationship. Yet separating sex from relationship is embedded in the concept of Relationship and Sex Education and reverberates through the way it is taught.

In the book Great Relationships and Sex Education advisors from Brook and the Sex Education Forum strongly suggest to teachers of RSE that “It can be a good idea to leave Feelings (sic) until last. Here you can emphasise that love and affection are often important parts of good sex, but not always. For others good sex is quick, rough and anonymous”.

The belief that sex can exist independently of relationships has led researchers to interpret children’s innocent exploration of their bodies as sexual behaviour. This paves the way for the destruction of childhood further down the line. GROOM

Out of fear of perpetuating what our educators call “heteronormativity” sex is not just separated from relationship. It is separated from reproduction as well! The authors of Great Relationships and Sex Education opine “Too often RSE programs focus on the reproduction function of the body, which leads to a heteronormative view of sex”.

Instead children are taught from the age of 4 to focus on pleasure. Classroom exercises include discussing what makes their bodies feel good, or how they like to be touched. The same book encourages mutual hand massages with baby oil so that children can find out how pleasure is achieved.

Their efforts to destroy “heteronormativity” require the normalisation of homosexual practices including higher levels of promiscuity, greater use of extreme practices and the normalisation of anal sex.

While encouraging these practices amongst our children should be a flashing red light for all parents, just as damaging are the subtle pedagogies going on.

When same sex ‘marriage’ is normalised the meaning of marriage is transformed. It requires neither sexual consummation nor monogamy.

It cannot produce children. Gay ‘marriage’ must (rightly) be taught without reference to sexual activity. But as a result marriage is reduced simply to a contract between best friends.

Gone is the completion of our humanity as male joins with female. Gone is the link between generations, and the coming together of difference, the two halves that complete a whole.

Not just marriage is hollowed out but parenthood as well. With the knowledge that their parents made them comes a child’s first intimations of divinity as parents model the creative power of God. Instead children are taught that parenthood is a list of duties that (for the time being) two people do.

And what happens to our understanding of mother when she has no creative power? What happens to our understanding of Mother Nature; Mother Earth: and ultimately the Mother of God?

And how can a father be a provider and protector when he is ‘married’ to another man?

Relationships and Sex Education has been explicitly designed to “Smash heteronormativity”. In so doing it will fragment a child’s identity development and alienate mind and body. It reduces marriage to a breakable contract and undermines parenthood. Ultimately it will make it more difficult to grasp the Fatherhood of God.

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