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Lynda Rose CEO Voice for Justice UK

BBC rejects Mermaids from Action Line list

Auntie, otherwise known as the British Brainwashing Corporation (BBC) has apparently quietly informed its LGBT Pride group that it is no longer going to include Mermaids, the campaigning charity for transgender children, in its Action Line list. The BBC no longer accepts Mermaids’ claims they can offer ‘appropriate’ advice to callers seeking help (see second section behind Times paywall, Winds of change htttps:// Can it be that the cold wind of reality is at last blowing through the Beeb’s smog-filled corridors, dedicated to the promotion of inclusivity for everything – except that with which Auntie disagrees? The answer is clearly, yes, and though they appear to be spitting the equivalent of broadcasting feathers, the corporation is being forced to bow to increasing evidence that harm is being done by misdiagnosing vulnerable children who subsequently bitterly regret undergoing such irreversible and life changing treatment.

This change of policy is especially important, because it illustrates how deeply the terrifying malaise of transgenderism has affected British society. Aimed at nothing less than the dismantling and reconfiguration of our culture, its ideologues desire the entire destruction of the nation’s Judeo-Christian roots and heritage.

Mermaids is part of this. The beguilingly named organisation is one of the UK’s largest LGBTQ+ charities, claiming to support trans and gender diverse children, young people and their families ( But their raison d’etre goes far beyond mere ‘support’ because their declared mission is to educate and inform wider society on issues of gender identity. To this end they have developed extensive educational resources for use in schools. Perhaps most significant of all, they have produced an infamous Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit ( Trialled first in Brighton and Hove it was then rolled out to other authorities across the country, such as Warwickshire and Oxfordshire where, in the latter, it was successfully subjected to legal challenge by a thirteen year old school girl on the grounds it was a potentially dangerous invasion of her privacy

Whatever is maintained, the toolkit is a tool for indoctrination, ruthlessly prioritising transgender rights under the guise of providing guidance for supporting transgender children and preventing transphobia.

If it weren’t so pernicious, such an overt attempt at brainwashing would be laughable. Tragically the drive to embed and normalise gender fluidity has been startlingly successful, as attested by the 4,000% increase we have seen over the last decade in children presenting with supposed gender dysphoria and seeking treatment ( It is now an established fact that transgender treatment is harmful to children.

By the admission of specialists at the Tavistock and Portman clinic, the country’s only NHS clinic offering treatment to children and young people diagnosed with gender dysphoria, many children are mis-diagnosed, with no account being taken of related mental health problems like autism or abuse ( This becomes even more shocking in the light of evidence that 90% of young children presenting with gender confusion will be perfectly happy with their birth sex by the time they reach adolescence. Small wonder then that the post transition suicide rate is 19 times higher than for their heteronormative peers (Long-Term Follow-Up of Transexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in Sweden or that the numbers seeking de-transition are reportedly sky-rocketing, with many tragically saying the treatment has ruined their lives (e.g.

The truth is, children under 18- no matter how convinced they might appear at the time – entirely lack any capacity to make such life-changing and irreversible decisions. So vulnerable children must be protected from exploitation by groups such as Mermaids and Stonewall. even the NHS -seemingly 100% on the side of ‘reform’ – has now been forced to acknowledge the dangers. It has radically revised its Guidance to recognise that the effects of puberty blocking drugs, previously claimed to be fully reversible, are very far from benign. Indeed, the NHS now accepts that the psychological effects are unknown, while use of the drugs may result in irreversibly impaired brain development or even osteoporosis (

For too long children have been unwitting guinea pigs in a dangerous social and ideological experiment designed to create a transgendered society, and now the harms of this malign creed are becoming all too apparent. It is surely time for the insanity to end.

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RSE Sexually Corrupts Our Children

By Belinda Brown

Transgender Trend has produced yet another terrific report where they present misinformation and ideology fed to our children through schools. (If links fail, copy and paste into browser then scroll if needed.)

They show in detail how our children are fed false ideas about biological sex. How men and women are being redefined out of existence. They show how legal protections for women, gays, lesbians, and those who have had gender reassignment, are completely undermined.

They show how teachers can no longer talk to children about the changes they will go through at puberty because they can no longer talk about biological sex. They show how girls are left vulnerable by denying them single sex spaces.

However the report does not cover all the harms inflicted by RSE. Sex as we understand it does not exist outside of some form of relationship. Yet separating sex from relationship is embedded in the concept of Relationship and Sex Education and reverberates through the way it is taught.

In the book Great Relationships and Sex Education advisors from Brook and the Sex Education Forum strongly suggest to teachers of RSE that “It can be a good idea to leave Feelings (sic) until last. Here you can emphasise that love and affection are often important parts of good sex, but not always. For others good sex is quick, rough and anonymous”.

The belief that sex can exist independently of relationships has led researchers to interpret children’s innocent exploration of their bodies as sexual behaviour. This paves the way for the destruction of childhood further down the line. GROOM

Out of fear of perpetuating what our educators call “heteronormativity” sex is not just separated from relationship. It is separated from reproduction as well! The authors of Great Relationships and Sex Education opine “Too often RSE programs focus on the reproduction function of the body, which leads to a heteronormative view of sex”.

Instead children are taught from the age of 4 to focus on pleasure. Classroom exercises include discussing what makes their bodies feel good, or how they like to be touched. The same book encourages mutual hand massages with baby oil so that children can find out how pleasure is achieved.

Their efforts to destroy “heteronormativity” require the normalisation of homosexual practices including higher levels of promiscuity, greater use of extreme practices and the normalisation of anal sex.

While encouraging these practices amongst our children should be a flashing red light for all parents, just as damaging are the subtle pedagogies going on.

When same sex ‘marriage’ is normalised the meaning of marriage is transformed. It requires neither sexual consummation nor monogamy.

It cannot produce children. Gay ‘marriage’ must (rightly) be taught without reference to sexual activity. But as a result marriage is reduced simply to a contract between best friends.

Gone is the completion of our humanity as male joins with female. Gone is the link between generations, and the coming together of difference, the two halves that complete a whole.

Not just marriage is hollowed out but parenthood as well. With the knowledge that their parents made them comes a child’s first intimations of divinity as parents model the creative power of God. Instead children are taught that parenthood is a list of duties that (for the time being) two people do.

And what happens to our understanding of mother when she has no creative power? What happens to our understanding of Mother Nature; Mother Earth: and ultimately the Mother of God?

And how can a father be a provider and protector when he is ‘married’ to another man?

Relationships and Sex Education has been explicitly designed to “Smash heteronormativity”. In so doing it will fragment a child’s identity development and alienate mind and body. It reduces marriage to a breakable contract and undermines parenthood. Ultimately it will make it more difficult to grasp the Fatherhood of God.

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The Black Lives Matter Movement and the Police

Frank Merino

When George Floyd was unlawfully killed by police officers on the 25th of May 2020 in Minneapolis, it sparked worldwide outrage and demonstrations. However, these quickly turned into riots targeting the police. The BLM movement then began influencing the United Kingdom spreading anarchy on the streets of major towns and cities including London, Bristol and Newcastle. These so called “protests” horrified bystanders. In London over 30 police officers were injured, one of whom was knocked off her mount suffering cracked ribs and a collapsed lung. These appalling scenes could have been drawn from a George Orwell novel about a dystopian society. Adding further to the dangers, large crowds of protestors herded together threatened a new spike in the Covid 19 infection and death rates. This endangered the gains made in supressing the virus during the eleven weeks of lock down.

No one denies that the death of George Floyd was a tragedy. With him dying at the hands of police officers, including one who kneeled on his neck during the arrest.  Long prison sentences now look likely as a result of this now banned practice. Nevertheless, George Floyd was not the innocent, law-abiding martyr the BLM movement makes him out to be. He was in and out of jail most of his adult life mainly for cocaine and violence offences. In 2009, he was imprisoned for breaking and entering a pregnant woman’s house. He demanded anything of value while threatening her with a gun pointed at her swollen stomach. The fact that the woman was black was of no matter to him. This does not mean that Floyd deserved to die in the way he did, if any punishment was due for his alleged crime that day it should have been left to the law. But in the light of these facts BLM should bear in mind the character of those they use as martyrs for their cause.

Digging deeper into the beginnings of this apparently spontaneous international outcry for “social” justice reveals the Sunrise Movement. Based in the USA it claims to combat man made climate change brought about by greed and the use of carbon fuels. But they also demand the abolition of police forces. This points to it being a front for international socialism. It also has features in common with the Extinction Rebellion in the UK, a movement that has seriously disrupted life over the last two years.

Yet we are different from the USA in many ways. Firstly, American police are armed and it is not uncommon now for members of the public to carry guns. Gun shops are a familiar sight and some argue widespread gun ownership is one of the main causes of a rising crime rate there. Deaths of black men in police custody are significantly higher in the US than they are in the UK. And according to the most recent UK government statistics only 13 black men have died in the last ten years out of a total of 163 deaths in custody. So the BLM narrative that police brutality against black men in the UK is getting out of hand is completely untrue. I agree that UK citizens should be free to protest alleged injustices peacefully and demonstrate for what they believe in without police interference. Equally those who disagree with them should have the same rights. 

I also believe that media companies have allowed themselves to be intimidated by BLM into withdrawing much loved comedies like the League of Gentlemen, The Inbetweeners, The Mighty Boosh and Little Britain.  Removing such popular shows is just plain wrong. It is cowardly to bow to the will of BLM. Also destroying statues of prominent historical figures is completely wrong. Statues are erected to remind us of our past. As a student of history I believe that “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

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A Review of “7 Steps to Recruit-Proof Your Child”

By Alan J Williams

The seminal gay book “After the Ball” by Kirk & Madsen was published in America in 1989 to show homosexual “rights” activists how to use psychological propaganda to bring about a homosexual revolution and gain cultural and political supremacy. It worked beyond the authors’ wildest dreams.

But in 2020 the LGBTQ+ juggernaut has hit a roadblock. “Trans” females are being legally discriminated against and excluded from areas reserved for natal females. Also relationships education courses for primary school children encouraging masturbation under the guise of sexual self “exploration” are being withdrawn under threat of legal action.

But these small gains shouldn’t lull parents into complacency. Gay rights activists don’t give in easily. So Dr Lively’s book written nearly a decade after Kirk & Madsen’s to counter the recruitment program of the “gay” rights movement is still highly relevant today. In “7 steps to recruit-proof your child” Lively gives incontrovertible evidence of gay recruitment as an objective on page 1. While on page 3 he quotes a “gay’ publication declaring, “Our work will only be finished when we can say that the whole world is gay.”

After debunking the “born gay” myth in his introduction he argues that the rights of children to protection from the health hazards of homosexuality should be prioritised over adult rights to sexual autonomy and expression.

And to protect their children he proposes seven steps to parents. They are to:

1. Get serious: and learn that the gay rights movement recruits children by using social conditioning.

2. Take Authority: and stand up for your children they belong to you not the activists who have infiltrated the schools.

3. Inform Yourself:  and discover the lies about homosexual ‘identity,’ the issue is really about behaviour.

4. Strengthen your family: and accept a father’s love is crucial.

 5. Improve your parenting skills: and realise mothers and fathers bring particular and separate contributions to child rearing.

 6. Clean House: TV is the major persuader of the gay rights message; block it and home school if you can.

 7. Be active in your community: and support or join  a pro-family organisation.

His book closes with an epilogue giving advice on, ‘What to do when it is “too late.”’ It is always possible for a child to recover from homosexuality but it is better to be proofed against it.

The book is arranged with whole page illustrations facing the compelling text, making it an easier read. These illustrations could even be photocopied to show head-teachers irrefutable evidence that gayness is not inborn and is not “OK ” and create doubts in the rightness of their pro-gay teaching.  They include testimonials from ex-gays convincingly contradicting the ‘Born gay’ myth, and exposing muddying “the moral waters” to undermine Christian moral authority. They also reveal some of the extraordinary demands of the gay rights movement including legal rights to child custody and adoption and inclusion into the education system with an end to all discrimination. This has resulted in the bankruptcy of America’s Boy Scouts now being sued for historic sexual abuse.

Lively also explains how powerful political and social engineering tactics are used to further the cause of cultural and political gay domination. To counter this movement he urges parents to support or join one of the growing numbers of pro-family organisations, become politically active and attend school governor meetings if possible.

I highly recommend Lively’s book for parents to start restoring a more realistic social order based on the truths that humanity has two complementary sexes. And that marriage between a man and a woman is the best family environment in which to bring up children. The book is available from Amazon and

Alan is a retired teacher with an MA in Phil and Psy Probs in Education. He is Chairman of Support 4 the Family.

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A State of Denial?

It has been long understood that when we do something in our lives that is not good for us, we need to admit that this is the case to make things better. Without an honest confession that what we are putting ourselves through is having a dramatically negative effect on us, and very often on others around us, a true and lasting cure or treatment cannot be prescribed let alone take effect.

The recovering alcoholic at an AA meeting knows this to be true, as does the reformed drug addict just out of rehab or the once estranged couple reunited through marriage counselling. Admitting the plight that we find ourselves in is necessary to enable any possible catharsis to begin. Without it, any attempt to make things better, no matter how well intentioned, is overwhelmingly destined to fail. 

As this is obviously true for individuals, a couple or a family, is it also true for a country? If a nation finds itself beset by anything that is detrimental to itself or it’s citizens, cultural degradation let’s say or an erosion of it’s widely held moral or ethical norms, does it too need to be strong enough to admit the problem or problems from which it suffers before any possible solutions can be found or have any chance of working? 

Conversely, to deny a problem, stick your head in the sand because the truth is too hard to take or even worse, to lie about it because it does not suit your own aims or agenda, can and inevitably will only exacerbate and magnify the issue over time. This too has been long understood especially by those who care enough about the outcomes. Most of us parents for instance, teach our children that a mistake they make or something wrong that they do, can only ever be compounded if they lie about it or try to cover it up. We know the problem can be so much greater if followed by a denial or a lie.

Therefore, does it logically follow that a Country’s problems or mistakes should never be succeeded by denials, mistruths or outright lies, no matter how difficult or complicated the issue? Can it and Is it ever in the nation’s interest to cover something up, deny that it is happening or lie about what is happening?

It is hard to contemplate in the midst of the current crisis, which may subsume us for a very long time, but sooner or later will we as a country honestly face up to our societal problems? The grooming gang scandal, an education system failing so many of our children, the considerable impact of mass immigration, to name but a few. Or will we continue to be in a state of denial, unable or unwilling, for whatever reason, to discuss let alone solve what is making us ill?

What are your thoughts on the prognosis of the “health” of our nation and have you any faith that we will ever be totally truthful with ourselves in these worrying times? 

Written by Roger Wallbank

Roger is a teacher, coach and father increasingly concerned for the country our children will inherit

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The School Gate Campaign


The School Gate Campaign has been informing people about the issues to do with the new Relationships and Sex Education teaching (RSE) that will be mandatory for all schools in England from September this year.

Our leaflets and website provide an introduction to some of the potential issues with this curriculum, together with information about parental rights and organisations that parents, carers and other concerned individuals can contact to get help and support regarding RSE.


In light of changes to do with the Coronavirus, public leafletting for the School Gate Campaign is suspended for the time being. Instead, the campaign has moved online to provide more information to parents about their legal rights and other issues regarding RSE. This way we will be even better prepared when schools resume.


You may be aware of the protests outside school that occurred last year in Birmingham. These were about the controversial primary school programme No Outsiders that has already been delivered in many schools.

Here is a video analysis of some of the lesson plans in the programme.

Please pass this video link on to anyone you know who is concerned about this subject. *

A more comprehensive coverage of parental rights is planned for the future, but please note parents have a right to receive education for their children that is in accordance with their own philosophical and religious convictions (Human Rights Act 1998).

Please let others know about what we are doing. If you have any comments or queries, please contact us at

Thank you for your support.

Susan Mason

School Gate Campaign

* No Outsiders is marketed as an Equalities Act programme (none of which is required to be taught in schools). The Equalities Act, written to address discrimination in the workplace, has nine protected characteristics. One analysis of the No Outsiders programme observed that it focussed effectively zero % on age, zero % on pregnancy, zero % on race and zero % on religion. No discrimination there, then.

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This Blog Is For YOU

It’s unforeseen and extraordinary. Since the successful launch of Hearts of Oak just a month ago, life for everyone has suddenly changed beyond recognition. Covid-19 has given the government reason – or excuse – to bring in draconian regulations that control citizens’ lives in a way never seen before in our lifetimes.

In particular the lockdown has dramatically impacted an essential democratic liberty, the freedom of association and right to meet together. This has been only partially offset by the equally dramatic rise in social networking, online get-togethers and conference-calling.

So far, however, Covid has not itself adversely impacted another democratic liberty, our right to freedom of speech.

But this, of course, was already under massive attack as the politically-correct left-liberal and woke mental illness at the centre of our public life and culture – step forward especially the taxpayer-funded state-broadcaster, the BBC – contaminated, infected and diseased wider society.

Who can doubt, for instance, that the political correctness of local authorities and police was a direct contributor to the most horrendous social crime for 200 years, the industrial-scale rape of tens of thousands of under-age white girls by predominantly Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs?

Hearts of Oak was set up to defend and promote freedom of speech in the face of this attack, and our mission is just as essential now during the coronavirus crisis and crackdown as before.

We want to say the unsayable, mention the unmentionable and force discussion about the forbidden and politically-incorrect issues that are important to normal real people outside the privileged protected circles of the elite.

We made a good start at the launch when Tommy Robinson condemned LGBT propaganda and gender confusion amongst under-age children in primary schools, and Catherine Blaiklock tackled the cultural destruction caused by open-doors mass immigration.

This blog is a platform for Hearts of Oak supporters to pour out their own hearts on these matters in a public forum. If you have some issue burning inside you or a subject over which you feel silenced, write it down in 600 words or less and email it to:

Just one word of warning: Hearts of Oak is patriotic, populist and anti-establishment but it is never racist. Ethno-nationalists, Anti-Semites and Muslimophobes will find their articles thrown in the bin.

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