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Grooming Gang Scandal

In 2016 I published the second edition of Easy Meat, the only book in Britain which exposes the history and the scale of the grooming gang cover-up. In some considerable detail the book exposes that each organisation which had some professional responsibility to the victims had instead turned its back on the victims. These crimes which had been covered up since the 1970s were forced into the public debate from 2010 onwards. But by 2015 the state and the controlled media found a new way to advance the cover-up. Easy Meat was republished to draw attention to this advanced form of cover-up, so that future generations would know that this cover-up could have been readily observed by anyone who really cared about seeing justice for the victims and stopping these Muslim grooming gangs.

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Disestablishment of the Church of England

A strong church that teaches positive values in an age of uncertainty is of great value to our nation. Instead of leading it is simply becoming a reflection of our increasingly secular culture. Its desire to maintain political power and influence seems to be its driving force. The 24 bishops in the House of Lords have becoming a laughing stock and no longer provide any moral guidance to the nation. The Church of England has become irrelevant at best and should be cut adrift to find its own way in society without being propped up financially by the state.

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Invisibilisation and Under-Achievement of Boys

Our boys are being left behind by a system that seems more concerned about diversity and a gender experiment than helping our kids fulfil their full potential. Family breakdown with increasing lack of contact with fathers have left many boys with no male role models. In this vacuum gangs have flourished and boys have lost interest in educational achievement. It’s time to reclaim stability, positivity and a sense of hope in our young people.

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Strong Borders, Immigration and National Identity

The UK has become a country that is unsure of its national identity, treats celebrations of our culture as racism, encourages other national cultural expressions to replace British traditions, has abandoned any proper teaching of British history in our schools and has accepted borders so porous that we no longer know who is coming into the country.

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Protecting Our Children

The “system” used to have protection of young children at its core. Yet we are now seeing a proliferation of agendas which have replaced the question of what is best for a child with the desire to use them for social experiments. The rise of the militant LGBT lobby which now seeks to sexualise children for its own ideological goals is a perverse failure of the state to protect our children and to put their best interests at hearts. The scale of the grooming gang scandal is another example of the protection of children being jettisoned by local authorities and police because of a fear of being called racist.

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Authorities’ Privileging and Protecting Islam Alone

The refusal of our public authorities to acknowledge and intervene in the grooming gang scandal which has left up to a quarter of a million victims is a national disgrace. Since these rape gangs were brought to the attention of the public 2011, 400 people have been charged in over 40 towns all over the UK. 85% of those charged are Muslim which explains why our police and councils refused to act. A fear of being labelled racist and Islamophobic! Our government have refused to say if any council officials or police officers have been prosecuted for turning a blind eye to this abuse happening under their noses.

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Freedom of Speech

We face an unprecedented onslaught on our abilities to speak freely in society on issues which the establishment has decreed as off limits. Free speech is the bedrock of a free society with open and free debate being one of the big drivers of innovation and justice.

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Media Bias

Trust in the BBC and the Mainstream Media is at an all time low.

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The Hearts of Oak aim is to initiate sustainable public and non-public activities towards the common goal of reversing the current restrictions on free speech through education and activism, both at grassroots and online.




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