Free Speech
Freedom to think and speak
Free speech is the bedrock of a free society with open and free debate being one of the big drivers of innovation and justice. Lockdown brought an unprecedented onslaught on our abilities to speak freely on issues which the establishment has decreed as off limits. Limiting the discussion of contentious issues is leading to more division in society not less. A future without civilised debate will only take us towards darker times and threatens our ability to think freely for ourselves and to understand and tolerate our differences. We must welcome back healthy debate.
National Identity and Patriotism
The UK has a quiet, private patriotism that is not flamboyant . We also have a proud history and pageantry that is not only enjoyed as a nation but is a magnet for tourism. This is encapsulated in the Commonwealth of Nations and must be protected through strong borders. The identity and culture that makes us British is now under attack. The BLM movement call those who defeated Facist Germany racist, our media delight in denigrating our historical achievements and our education system seems determined to ensure that our children have no knowledge of what makes Britain Great. Our citizens need to regain a sense of pride and camaraderie. Through harmony and cooperation our nation can be a beacon of hope, democracy and freedom to the World.
Lost Liberties of Lockdown
A New Tyranny
Our freedoms now lie in tatters because of a virus that supposedly threatened us all. Going to shops, having a drink, visiting elderly relatives, attending church and going on holiday were all banned. Even Christmas gatherings were made illegal. And the ability to speak out has been curtailed with government and big tech silencing any dissenting voices. Government overreach and censorship of opinions must end now or society simply becomes a mouthpiece for the state.
Grooming Gangs
Awareness and justice
These Muslim/Pakistani rape gangs have operated with impunity for four decades in 40 towns across the UK. Politicians have claimed that up to 1 million girls have been affected by this evil yet there is silence from these communities. No one in authority is ever held accountable for ignoring these crimes and it continues to this day. We have now had over 400 men charged yet the sentences given are most lenient. Its time to end this jihad and protect our girls.
Stop sexualizing kids
Safety not fear
Institutions no longer question what is best for a child. Instead we see an increasing desire to use them for social sexual experiments. The rise of the militant LGBT lobby which now seeks to sexualise children for its own ideological goals is a perverse failure of the state to protect our children and to put their best interests at heart. The scale of the grooming gang scandal is another example of the protection of children being jettisoned by local authorities and police because of a fear of being called racist. It’s time to stop stealing children’s innocence and childhood.
Freedom from biased protection
In Islam all rights and freedoms are subject to Islamic law. In Islam there is no freedom to choose or change your religious belief. Apostates face punishment and ostracism. Women have few rights and freedoms Since 9/11 the term Islamic extremism or Islamism is used to separate violence from peace. Islamic texts offer no such distinction but show how the removal of opposition and the spread of Islam was through war. Islam must reject violence and offer women full rights and protection and allow robust criticism and debate.