About Hearts of Oak

The Origin of Hearts of Oak

Hearts of Oak was launched February 2020 in Westminster London and was the brainchild of Alan Craig and Peter McIlvenna who were becoming increasingly alarmed at the world wide woke agenda and they set out to create a populist Free Speech Alliance aimed at countering the cultural Marxism that pervades all areas of our lives.
The bedrock of a democratic society is free speech whether it be on religion, politics, children’s rights or any topical subject all or which is undergoing extreme censorship.
These last two years has seen the alienation of our right to free speech leading us all into darker times and inhibiting our right to think for ourselves and to tolerate others who think differently.
Hearts of Oak is all about a healthy debate.

Why Hearts of Oak?

The heart is the core of who you are as a person and a place where emotions begin. It is that which drives the will of men and women into action.
An oak tree represents stability, strength and endurance which could be why it is often used as an English symbol.
Every Hearts of Oak supporter, viewer, listener and guest has a beating heart of passion for freedom of thought and cultural identity.
The things we believe matter are:
Personal Responsibility; History; Identity; Heritage; Family; Culture; Belonging; Strength; Stability; Longevity; Support; Protection; Confidence; Compassion

Where to find Hearts of Oak?

Hearts of Oak is fast becoming one of the UK’s top alternative interview platforms. For full un-censored coverage, find us on GETTR, Truth, gab, Twitter, Telegram and CloutHub.
You can also find us on YouTube and Facebook but our accounts are limited because of censorship.
Listen on the go! Podcasts and the spoken word have become the radio of the 21st Century and our content is perfect for this medium, we are hosted by Podbean and can be found on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Aureal, Stitcher or the podcast app of your choice.
To swerve Big Tech control, we are on the video sharing sites of Rumble, BitChute, BrandNewTube, 3speak and Odysee.
Blockchain technology and the decentralised web gives our content security and has birthed a range of sites including Hive and Minds, all of which we have embraced.

All of our media, video and audio can be found on our website heartsofoak.org/livestream

Topics and Guests on Hearts of Oak

Every issue we cover, of which there are many, comes under the umbrella of ‘Free Speech’.
We remain vocal on all relevant and topical issues of which Covid, lockdowns, medical totalism, climate debate, religious disagreement and the ensuing global tyranny are all high on our agenda.
We have an eclectic mix of high-profile experts, campaigners and commentators, many of whom are household names, and many of them would be if free speech had been allowed.
We stand shoulder to shoulder with all our guests who have been censored, shunned, controlled and destroyed by Big Tech.
Our mission is to high-light these issues when everyone else is stifled or too afraid to approach a subject.

The Hearts of Oak Community

You, our supporters, viewers and listeners, are the reason we are able to do what we are doing, to spread our message far and wide.
Simply by following, liking, commenting, sharing and questioning the status quo makes you a valuable part of this important alliance.
Together, let’s keep the conversation going.