It’s unforeseen and extraordinary. Since the successful launch of Hearts of Oak just a month ago, life for everyone has suddenly changed beyond recognition. Covid-19 has given the government reason – or excuse – to bring in draconian regulations that control citizens’ lives in a way never seen before in our lifetimes.

In particular the lockdown has dramatically impacted an essential democratic liberty, the freedom of association and right to meet together. This has been only partially offset by the equally dramatic rise in social networking, online get-togethers and conference-calling.

So far, however, Covid has not itself adversely impacted another democratic liberty, our right to freedom of speech.

But this, of course, was already under massive attack as the politically-correct left-liberal and woke mental illness at the centre of our public life and culture – step forward especially the taxpayer-funded state-broadcaster, the BBC – contaminated, infected and diseased wider society.

Who can doubt, for instance, that the political correctness of local authorities and police was a direct contributor to the most horrendous social crime for 200 years, the industrial-scale rape of tens of thousands of under-age white girls by predominantly Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs?

Hearts of Oak was set up to defend and promote freedom of speech in the face of this attack, and our mission is just as essential now during the coronavirus crisis and crackdown as before.

We want to say the unsayable, mention the unmentionable and force discussion about the forbidden and politically-incorrect issues that are important to normal real people outside the privileged protected circles of the elite.

We made a good start at the launch when Tommy Robinson condemned LGBT propaganda and gender confusion amongst under-age children in primary schools, and Catherine Blaiklock tackled the cultural destruction caused by open-doors mass immigration.

This blog is a platform for Hearts of Oak supporters to pour out their own hearts on these matters in a public forum. If you have some issue burning inside you or a subject over which you feel silenced, write it down in 600 words or less and email it to:

Just one word of warning: Hearts of Oak is patriotic, populist and anti-establishment but it is never racist. Ethno-nationalists, Anti-Semites and Muslimophobes will find their articles thrown in the bin.