Dr Lisa Nolland CEO Marriage, Sex and Culture Group

It causes me great sadness that many parents still trust our educational ‘system’ and fail to realise that much has changed since they grew up. They need to up their game.

To this end, I run Sex Proofing Your Kids Seminars that train parents (in particular) to engage positively and successfully with their youngsters. The key point of sex proofing is to grow a relationship with your child enabling and empowering them to choose the best in sex and the best in life!

There are excellent groups on the cutting edge here in relation to RSE – Relationship and Sex Education, such as the School Gate Campaign, SPUC’s Safe at School Campaign and Voice for Justice UK. Lovewise has excellent resources to help you teach your child about sex and relationships, as well.

Three of the key areas that parents need to be educated on are the realities of sex, bodies and consequences.

Here are 12 Fast Facts on Sex your youngster needs to learn. Most of these will be unknown to them, as mainstream media sensors out or whitewashes the ugly realities. Their aim is to not raise obstacles to your children ‘exploring’ their sexuality ‘when they feel ready’.

In fact, sexually-active youngsters are great money-makers for the so called sexual health ‘industry’ which profits from providing condoms, antibiotics, the pill, counselling and medical services like abortion, personnel and materials. Chaste youngsters do not need these services or supports!

But here are the 12 Fast Facts on Sex your kids need to know from you or a person you trust. In short, sex for unmarried youngsters is stupid, bad and sad.

  1. Sex is big: it is no small matter.
  2. Sex is fab: people of faith believe God thought it up!
  3. Sex is fire: and not just because of STIs/pregnancy but because of brain chemistry (see no.5) increased rates of depression and anxiety.
  4. Sex has a bigger overall impact on your adolescent body than it will have on your adult body; so be smart, press pause, you and your body are not ready yet.
  5. Sex is superglue; whether you realise it or not.
  6. Sex can be addictive: whether you want it to be or not.
  7. Condoms and ‘the jab’ provide some protection for some infections/diseases, but can never provide youngsters with ‘safe sex’.
  8. Certain sex acts like anal sex are very high risk and are to be avoided at all costs!
  9. One sex act gone wrong can change the rest of your life: is it worth it?
  10. SO: sex is for later! Healthy marriage gives best sex!
  11. There is always forgiveness and a fresh start; secondary virginity.
  12. Use your mistakes to help others and become a better stronger person. God never wastes anything.

If you would like more information on ‘Sex Proofing Your Kids’ seminars, please get in touch at DrLisa1957@gmail.com

For further reading try Miriam Grossman MD, You’re Teaching My Child What?: A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Ed and How they Harm Your Child (2009); also http://ww.miriamgrossmanmd.com

Finally, McIlhaney Jr MD and Bush MD, Hooked: The Brain Science on How Casual Sex Affects Human Development (2019)